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About us

     Harpy Land and Sourcing Co., Ltd. was founded by MD. Maruf Hossain, the CEO of the company. Maruf has gained bounty of experience in international marketing in his long stint of 15 years in Thailand. Maruf found Thailand as a hub for expats from different countries of the world given the huge opportunity of business and reasonable communication across the borders of neighboring countries. he considered these factors, coupled with his expertise in business, communication and collaboration with international stakeholders to launch his dream company “Harpy Land and Sourcing Co., Ltd”.

    With the vision to "Grow Together, Keep Growing" This company aims to facilitate global trade. By collaborating with businessmen who are interested in exporting/importing good quality products with competitive production costs. We welcome business people and interested parties to discuss details by direct communication. We promise an amazing exchange of information and support. Growing together in business, thank you! 

Get in Touch

90/281 Moo.8, San Pu Loei, Doi-Saket,

Chiang-Mai (Thailand) 50220

(+66) 8-6970-1900 (EN)

(+66) 8-2328-2959 (TH)

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